How to Speedup Playback on QuickTime, YouTube, Vimeo, Audible, & VLC

How to Speedup Playback on QuickTime, YouTube, Vimeo, Audible, & VLC

Want to Speed Listen?

If you’re considering speed listening you may want to speed up playback and get through audio books, courses, and that boring class lecture faster.

Here’s how to do it on Quick Time, YouTube, and Audible. (Will add more as I test them).

Speedup Playback on Quicktime (Mac):

Hold the alt or option key and then click on the fast forward arrows on Quicktime. It will show 1.1x. Press again to keep increasing the speed (still holding alt/option). If you want to slow it down, press on the rewind arrows instead while holding alt/option.

Speedup Playback on YouTube:

Click the gear icon which will open settings for the video. Click Speed and select the speed you prefer.

Speedup Playback on Vimeo:

Vimeo doesn’t have a built-in speed setting (yet). So to speed up vimeo videos we can use a Chrome extension called Vimeo Repeat & Speed for Google Chrome.

Once you install this Chrome extension it will add a new option on your videos with the option to double the playback speed.

Speedup Playback on Audible:

At the very bottom left simply click the Speed text. This will open a prompt to change the narration speed. Pick the speed you want to use from the list.


Speedup Playback on Windows, Mac or Linux using VLC

VLC Player is a great free audio and video player that allows you to play at double speed also.

On VLC simply go to Playback in the top menu and select Playback Speed or adjust using the slider.

Hope it helps! Now off to go speed listen.

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