What I’m Working On Now

(This page is dedicated to projects and things I am doing and working on now…inspired by http://nownownow.com/)

Current Status

Living in the now to be more purposeful and happy. Kicking my own ass daily with fitness and business challenges. Trying to inspire others to push past their limits, and do lots of good for the world before I become space dust.

On-Going Daily Practices

  • Wake up earlier each day without needing an alarm clock. My goal is to be a 5 AM riser. I am currently hovering around 7 AM. Going to bed earlier is also key to this and getting close to 8 hours of sleep. Waking up early before anyone starts the day gives me time to get a lot more done before I get bombarded with emails, tasks, etc.
  • Meditate at least once per day morning and night for minimum 20 minutes. It helps me focus and be more creative. Plus billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio said it is the most important thing he does each day and he’s not the first successful person to say such a thing. Still think meditation is for hippies? 🙂
  • Do something active daily. Because I work from home and am mostly sitting at a computer I try to do something active each day. Currently, I workout 3x per week following a plan from a friend and personal trainer over at Heroically Fit. Twice a week, I practice Martial Arts in Hollywood FL . I also take my dog Sinbad (Yes, he has his own Instagram) 3x per day for long walks around the neighborhood to get some sun and outdoor vibes going for both of us.
  • Meat Free and Healthier Diet. I have recently gone vegetarian and slowly approaching 100% vegan. I went cold turkey (saw what I did there?) in November 2015 to stop eating meat after a bit of influence of watching too many Netflix documentaries on the meat and other industries. I also wanted to experiment and test the effects on my body. So far more energy and less fatigue during the day to be more productive. Definitely no more food comas in the afternoon.
  • Standing every 30 minutes to 1 hour, and working while standing up. This is a new one for me as I started to notice my back hurting more and more from long sitting sessions. I am testing it out to see if it will help me improve my recent back pain, horrible posture, and overall improve my health. In fact, I am writing this while standing up at my counter.
  • Drinking a lot more water. I use to drink a crap ton of juice and actually despised the taste of water (water has taste?). Recently I’ve been forcing myself to just drink water by not buying anything else. So when I am thirsty I have no choice but to drink water. Now I actually prefer it, and even when faced with sugar alternatives, have more will power to turn them down.
  • Read at least 30 minutes a day. I love to read but I get busy during the day, so I usually have a book next to my bed that I read at least 30 minutes before bed. This actually helps me fall asleep instead of staring at a phone screen (which is bad for your eyes and health). Doing this helps me get through at least a 2-3 books a month. My girlfriend is starting to complain about where we are going to put all the books I’m stockpiling. I may have to build furniture with them or donate 🙂 Click here for a full list of book’s I’ve already read.
  • Be more present and engaged. I’ve stopped using Social Media cold turkey to focus on the important things. I am also putting away my phone when hanging out with friends and family, and starting up conversations with strangers at a local Starbucks instead of staring at a phone screen like a zombie.

Last updated July 25, 2018.