Getting Hooked on Behaviors

Getting Hooked on Behaviors

While recently launching a startup, I have been reading a lot on behaviors and keeping users engaged.

One of the biggest ah-ha moments has been on behaviors.

Particularly BJ Fogg’s behavior model which says 3 things are required to get someone to do something:

  1. Motivation – They must be sufficiently motivated
  2. Ability – They must have the ability to perform the behavior
  3. Trigger – They must be triggered to perform the behavior

Example: A simple real life example could be if I owned a local sandwich shop. Here’s how I would think about using this model…

  1. Motivation – Customer is hungry
  2. Ability – Customer would need to be able to get to your restaurant by walking, car, bus etc pretty quickly.
  3. Trigger – They drive by a sign or hear a commercial on the radio with your restaurant’s sandwich specials and decide to stop by for lunch.

If you miss any one of these 3 elements it becomes less likely for a behavior to happen.

This gives us a framework to be able to focus on improving these 3 elements in our own businesses, apps, startups, etc.


Nir Eyal has written a great book on this called “Hooked: How to Build Habit Forming Products”, which provides a 4 step process and elaborates more on BJ Fogg’s methods that he used to build a highly successful company.

He also has a Free Hooked Course over at if you’re interested.

Are you using these already in your business or see how it can be used? Leave a comment below let me know…

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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