If You Want to Win at Life, Control Your Mind

If You Want to Win at Life, Control Your Mind

If you’re struggling to succeed at anything in your own life, control your mind first.

Want more money? Control your mind.

Want to be in better physical shape? Control your mind.

Want a better relationship? Control your mind.

What does controlling your mind have anything to do with those things?

When you control your mind, everything else will follow.

You’ll gain clarity and focus. 

You’ll set better goals.

You’ll actually accomplish those goals.

You’ll do those workouts you’re avoiding.

You’ll say no to the foods that make you unhealthy.

You’ll be more present in your relationships.

You’ll feel happier and more fulfilled.

So, how do you control your mind?

Show your mind who’s boss.

Decide once and for all that you’re in charge.

Some do it through prayer, some do it through meditation.

Buddhists call it training the monkey mind.

Some do it through sheer willpower, discipline, and grit.

Choose a path that works for you or both.

Know that once you control your mind, your life will change. 

Everything will start to improve physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.

This is the basis for everything else.

Control your mind, or it will control you.

Photo by Gabriel Matula