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Freedom, is a State of Mind

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In life we usually find ourselves 'trapped' in things we feel are out of our control. A job you hate. A bad relationship. A failing business. A failing partnership. Not having enough money. Poor health. Etc, etc. This trapped feeling, brings a desire for freedom. We feel like we don't have a choice. But what is freedom REALLY? To me, freedom is a choice, a state of mind. This may bold, but unless you're trapped in a box, tied down, or being oppressed in some way. You are free to change whatever situation you're in right now, in this moment, [...]

Art is everything, everything is art.

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It's a bold claim, I know. How could art be everything and everything be art? Being an artist my entire life I am a bit biased, but looking out into the world, focusing on the present, you start to notice things. You notice how artistic everything in life is. From natural geometric patterns of a nautilus shell to the abstract formings of the clouds. If you really pay attention, who knows you too may start to notice everything is a work of art too -- including you. Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

The Power of Awareness

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Awareness. One word that can change your life in an instant. This one word can be such a powerful tool when understood and used in your life. Just think, if a fish became aware that it was in water? Would it want to explore beyond? When was the last time you became aware of something that was seemingly obvious? If you have ever had an 'ah-ha' moment, you know exactly what I mean. When you become aware of something, you shine a mental light on it and expose it for what it really is. Your brain does some cool connecting [...]

3 Steps to Finding Your Inner Greatness

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Do you feel you are not living up to your full potential? You are not alone. I've been there, and so have many others. Whether it's our upbringing or just where our decisions in life have taken us, there will come a time where you may feel like you are not living your full inner greatness. It sucks. We'll I am here to tell you that this is not true and show you how to unlock your inner greatness simply by becoming aware of it. You ARE living your purpose, right now, at this very moment in time. You are [...]

The Power of Choice

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It was not long ago when I was struggling to make a better life for myself. I lived in the 'flow', going where the wind took me and constantly found myself among the wreckage of ships full of dreams. Dreams mostly guided by others. While living in the flow has it's benefits in just living, it ignores the fundamental human right we are born with -- choice. Instead, I choose to let go of struggle and choose excellence. I choose to enjoy the process instead of live in worry about the result. You see, we all have the power to [...]