FU Money

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Warning: this post uses the word Fuck a lot. This is not my typical style of writing but I promise it's for a reason. If you are sensitive to this kind of language you can always read some of my other posts. The first time I came across the concept of Fuck You Money I knew I stumbled upon some golden wisdom. This concept was originally mentioned in the movie 'The Gambler': He talks about putting yourself in a position of Fuck You. The main idea is to build up enough Fuck You Money to be financially free and eliminate money as [...]

The Periscope Effect

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As I was talking with my girlfriend today, her phone chirped and she immediately forgot about our conversation in a mad dash to get on her phone and open an app called Periscope. At first, I was a bit shocked, but then my brain started churning. You see, she's a photographer and a big fan of a well-known photographer by the name of Sue Bryce. So when Sue goes live on Periscope, I don't exist. Perfectly understandable, I mean how could I compete? Naturally, the entrepreneur in me started to think about how to tap into this power for my [...]

Why building a business or startup, is like painting a masterpiece.

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In spending the last year REALLY digging into building a startup, I have learned that it is very much like painting a masterpiece. I said in another post "Art is everything, and everything is art", and this still holds true to me in many ways. I've painted since I was 5 years old, and the process is usually the same: You start out with a vision of what you want. Get the tools you need - paint, brushes, canvas, etc. Sketch out the vision on paper, and start one brush stroke at a time on canvas, keeping your vision in [...]

Starting from Nothing? How to Get Paid to Build Your Product

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Have you ever wanted to start a business but not sure where to start or even what to build? What about how to build it without your own money? No problem! I did a recent interview with Dane Maxwell over at The Foundation on starting from nothing and getting paid to build your product at the same time. Check it out here at the Starting from Nothing Podcast