Get More Done With These 10 Chrome Productivity Extensions

Want to be more productive? Tired of looking back on your day and wondering where the heck all your time went?

If you want to become more productive, here are 10 of my favorite chrome productivity extensions that will free up your brain space and make you insanely productive today.

1. Inbox When Ready


Spending too much time responding to emails when you should be doing something more important? Use this tool to hide your Gmail inbox and avoid reacting to inbound emails. Instead, you can search through emails you need without feeling the need to reply to your unread emails. When you’re ready, just click a button and reveal your unread emails. This tool alone has saved me hours a day, by allowing me to search email while working on something without feeling the need to reply to unread emails.

2. LastPass


If you’re like me you probably have hundreds of accounts and passwords to remember. Or you have one password you use for everything (which is just a bad day waiting to happen if you get hacked). LastPass will help you save your passwords to login faster across Chrome and other devices. Install the mobile app as a bonus to take your passwords with you on the go. This will easily save you 1-2 hours a day in typing or remembering passwords.

3. Grammarly


If you want to avoid the wrath of the grammar police, while also speeding up your daily workflow, get Grammarly. This chrome extension will help you fix spelling and grammar errors faster than you can say typo.

4. Momentum


One of my personal favorites, Momentum helps you avoid distractions and stay motivated at the same time. You can turn your blank chrome tabs into daily motivations and replace the default chrome set up which shows your recent tabs, news sites, or other possible distractions. You can also keep your goals right in front of you as a reminder throughout the day.

5. Block Site


If you have the willpower of a hungry dog saying no to bacon, and find yourself jumping to distracting websites like Facebook throughout the day, get this chrome extension. You can set up a list of sites to block during work mode to stay hyper focused for set blocks of time.

6. Session Buddy


If you’re a tab hoarder with enough chrome tabs to start a small country, this plugin is for you. Session buddy will help you organize your open tabs, save tabs for later, and even recover tabs if you accidentally close your window or your computer crashes.

7. The Great Suspender


Another one for my ultimate tab hoarders. This extension will free up memory space on your computer if you have lots of tabs open on a regular basis. This way you can still keep all your tabs, and speed up your computer at the same time.

8. Ad Blocker Ultimate


Eliminating distractions is key to focusing and being more productive. You can use this extension to block all ads while you browse to avoid the need to click any ads or go back to viewing those shoes you we’re planning to buy.

9. Pocket


Pocket is awesome for saving articles, news, videos and more for later. You can avoid keeping lots of tabs open and save important things for later in 1-click.

10. Full Page Screen Capture


If you’re like me and you constantly take screenshots of websites to save for reference, this tool will save you a ton of time. Add it, and in 1-click you can capture an entire page as an image or PDF. Perfect for sending by email to coworkers, friends, family, or simply for reference on your computer in case the website changes.

Why bother?

Distractions and multi-tasking are probably killing your productivity. Ads, incoming emails, to do lists, open tabs, and much more may be robbing you of hours a day. It’s a fact, multi-tasking and distractions have already been proven to be bad for your brain and productivity.

By using the extensions above, you can reduce brain load to improve your focus and productivity.

Go get some time back homies!