Me in 33 Seconds.

Hey, Antonio Rillera here.

I’m just a regular guy pushing my limits daily.

After seeing that I was stuck in a dead-end graphic design job working in the basement of a hotel, unhappy, and living at my lowest potential, I had enough. I quit mediocrity to pursue freedom & happiness. I gave up the typical 9-5 lifestyle, office politics, and traffic jams to pursue a full-time living as a freelance designer working on my own terms.

These days, I work remotely from my laptop wherever there is good coffee and wi-fi building brands I am proud of, as CEO of Formless. We are on a mission to make the world a better place with our brands, products, and services.

When I’m not doing “business” stuff, you’ll find me writing, creating art, traveling, meditating, reading, practicing martial arts, or spending time with friends and family.

Join me over on YouTube where I put up videos on business, lifestyle design, mindfulness, productivity, and more.

Thanks for being here.