Want a Consistent and Predictable Flow of Leads and Customers?

Don’t just sit and hope for leads and customers to come your way. Instead, I’ll show you how to systematically funnel a consistent flow of highly-targeted leads into your business without posting daily on social media or following the latest marketing fads, even if no one’s ever heard of you.

Pushing Lifes Limits, One Day at a Time.

I’m just a regular guy living life to push my limits and doing my best to leave my dent in the universe. It wasn’t always that way. I quit my job in 2013 to freelance and start my own company and become an entrepreneur. Since then, I’ve become a lead generation and conversion design consultant helping other business owners attract and convert millions of leads into customers. I’ve also created a few businesses of my own, and pose for random photos on a bridge.

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You’re One Decision Away

Many times I hear people say that they want to do something great in their lives. They want to learn the piano, build a business, or invent that thing they've been thinking about for years. While having goals and dreams are great, there is only one thing that matters....

Vegan Experiment

After 28 years of being a meat eating human, about 6 months ago my girlfriend and I decided to transition to becoming vegan. We we're inspired to take the leap by a few family members and friends that also made the change. We also wanted to support both environmental...