Live an Untapped Life.

Discover the mind hacks I personally discovered from training with, meeting, and studying yogis, entrepreneurs, and elite performers. These simple, yet powerful hacks, helped me quit my job, overcome depression, and build a full-time income to work wherever there is good coffee, wifi, and a killer view.
Now, I want to share them with you.

Pushing Lifes Limits, One Day at a Time.

I’m just a regular guy living life to push my limits and doing my best to leave my dent in the universe. It wasn’t always that way. I quit my job in 2013 to freelance, travel, and start my own company. Since then, I’ve helped business owners attract thousands of customers, overcame depression, created a few startups, and pose on random bridges with my hands together.

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You’re One Decision Away

Many times I hear people say that they want to do something great in their lives. They want to learn the piano, build a business, or invent that thing they've been thinking about for years. While having goals and dreams are great, there is only one thing that matters....

Vegan Experiment

After 28 years of being a meat eating human, about 6 months ago my girlfriend and I decided to transition to becoming vegan. We we're inspired to take the leap by a few family members and friends that also made the change. We also wanted to support both environmental...