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FU Money

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Warning: this post uses the word Fuck a lot. This is not my typical style of writing but I promise it's for a reason. If you are sensitive to this kind of language you can always read some of my other posts. The first time I came across the concept of Fuck You Money I knew I stumbled upon some golden wisdom. This concept was originally mentioned in the movie 'The Gambler': He talks about putting yourself in a position of Fuck You. The main idea is to build up enough Fuck You Money to be financially free and eliminate money as [...]

Goal Setting The Zen Way – “Mountains Are Merely Mountains”

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Have a big task or dream that seems impossible? Just remember this simple take on an old zen saying - "Mountains are merely mountains." This is an interpretation from a longer Zen saying: "Before I had studied Zen for thirty years, I saw mountains as mountains, and waters as waters. When I arrived at a more intimate knowledge, I came to the point where I saw that mountains are not mountains, and waters are not waters. But now that I have got its very substance I am at rest. For it's just that I see mountains once again as mountains, [...]

Anything You Want

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A book that I have been wanting to read for sometime was "Anything You Want" by Derek Sivers. I highly recommend reading this book if you are an entrepreneur or looking to start a business. I wish I read it years ago. It would have saved me lots of money, time and headaches. It's a quick read I think anyone looking to start a business will enjoy Derek's simple, yet concise advice on what he learned from building CDBaby into a $22 Million Business. Here are my quick book notes which are basically outlined in the book word for word: [...]